Whether you are craving something different or looking for something more familiar, Collegetown Munchies is your source for takeout or delivery minus the high menu markups charged by big delivery companies. We are #builtdifferent than delivery companies so we can save you money and reward you the more you use our app or website to order food online for pickup or delivery from restaurants.


Everyone has gotta eat and Collegetown Munchies is the go to place to satisfy all that you crave. . Maybe it is some great Local Thai food, a favorite pizza, or you just need to grab something quick in between classes. Satisfying that hunger is just a few taps away..Ordering is easy, just choose your college and browse all of the restaurants near you to find the food that will satisfy you


We know that when you are in college every dollar matters. Spending money you can use for other college necessities on high delivery fees is no way to go through life. That is why we work with local restaurants to bring you low to no menu markups and lower delivery fees. We charge a small service fee that is about one third of of what the big delivery companies charge.


Everyone likes to get rewarded for being loyal. Many of the restaurants on Collegetown Munchies offer a rewards program where you can earn Munchie Tokens to spend on future purchases with that restaurant.


Need some extra cash?
Support local restaurants by bringing orders to their customers. We will assign you to a specific restaurant or group of restaurants that want to do their own delivery. This means more deliveries, no competing for the highest paying gig, and more earnings.

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We are committed to helping local college organizations by connecting them with local restaurants for great fundraising opportunities. You make a fundraising request. We contact our pool of restaurants, help you set up the fundraiser and put your organization's fundraiser directly on the CollegetownMunchies website.

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Do you have a favorite restaurant you would like to see in the Collegetown Munches app? Let us know and we will reach out to them and let them know that they are in demand.

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